25 Text Abbreviations You Should Know

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This will keep anyone with a phone, social media, or even just web access from being constantly confused in the tech world!

1. LOL

“laughing out loud,” “LOL” is now used to express even the mildest amusement. You can respond “LOL!!” when your friend tells you a hilarious story.

2. OMG

“OMG,” for “oh my God” It’s a pretty catch-all exclamation or reaction.

3. IDK

“I don’t know,”

4. JK

“JK” means “just kidding.” Use it to indicate that you’re, well, kidding


rolling on the floor laughing” but it’s still a bit stronger an indicator of mirth than “LOL.”


“you only live once,” “YOLO” is a rallying cry for living life to the fullest.

7. HMU

“Hit me up” is an expression that might even need further explanation once you know what the letters stand for. Rather than referring to physical violence, “hit me up” simply means “contact me” or “call me.”

8. BTW

This is one that people say out loud in real life in addition to just texting it. “BTW” is short for “by the way.” You’d use it just like you’d use the expression in real life

9. LMK

This one translates to “let me know,” and is useful in all sorts of situations for nudging or putting the ball in someone’s court.

10. ILY

“ILY” or “ily” is short for “I love you.” This is, needless to say, a pretty casual way to say those words.

11. OMW

” OMW means “on my way” and is often used when you’re not even really on your way

12. NVM

“NVM” is short for “never mind.” You’d use it much in the same way you use the phrase in real life:

13. IRL

It means “in real life” its great for saying things like “Would love to see you soon IRL!”

14. ETA

“estimated time of arrival”?

15. TMI

“too much information”?

16. GOAT

This texting acronym doesn’t have anything to do with four-legged horned mammals. “GOAT,” almost always preceded by “the,” means “greatest of all time.”

17. TFW

It translates to “that feel/feeling when,” and it’s most commonly used in association with visual images that represent how someone is feeling.

18. DM

“DM” is short for “direct message.” More directly related to social media than to texting.

19. FOMO

FOMO means “fear of missing out.” “FOMO” is what you feel when you see your BFFs (that’s “best friends forever,” or so you thought, apparently) out partying, and you weren’t invited.


“in case you missed it.” It’s great for uploading photos after the fact, like a photo from a relative’s wedding that you forgot to post the day of or a family photo from years ago.

21. TLDR

“TLDR” means “too long, didn’t read,” and is a common response to long-winded, rambling opinion pieces.

22. FWIW

“for what it’s worth.” It’s a kinder way of preambling a strong opinion and can be used in situations like, “FWIW, I never liked your boyfriend anyway.

23. TBH

It means “to be honest.”

24. SMH

“SMH” means “shaking my head,”


“in my opinion.” “IMHO” is a variation meaning “in my humble opinion.

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