6 Practical Ways That Will Instantly Increase Your Confidence in 2022.

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As a child, I used to be afraid to answer the phone whenever it rings. I will quickly call my brother’s attention just to avoid answering the call. When I went to the University as a freshman I struggled to talk to people and even avoided attending classes because I was afraid I will be seen as unintelligent. I kept making excuses for my lack of confidence.

I will look at others who confidently took their classes and worked hard towards their goals. I later realised to be like them, I had to develop confidence in myself.

Research has shown that to get people to change you have to focus your attention on the behaviour they show. If people can imagine themselves behaving differently, they can act differently.

Now ask yourself these questions. Who are you? Who do you want to become? Do you want to have a successful career, one that will make you contribute to society?

How will you behave if you could act ten times more confident than you are?

Whatever your answer is, you need the confidence to achieve those goals. These tried and tested practical ideas will springboard you to greater confidence which will turn your life around.

Count yourself in

Before you take on a task which looks like a mountain, count one to three and delve into it head-on. This will melt away the nerves stopping you from doing it. Counting will get you to start and momentum will keep you in it. Imagine having to address a group, and you feel your nerves crawling out of your skin, just count one to three and do it. Practising this trick regularly will help you stand up to the conflict within.

Be brave for 20 seconds

Ask yourself these simple questions. What’s the worst that can happen? What am I afraid of?

Are you scared to propose to the girl you have been talking to? what is the worst that can happen? just pick up the phone and start dialling. Are you scared to ask your boss for a rise? just knock on his office door. Are you afraid to share your opinion? just rise your hand and take the microphone. After 20 seconds of being brave, you will realise that you are still breathing and the world will still be moving. Practising this 20-second rule will help you enormously.

Take a seat at the table

Don’t wait to be the last in anything. Confident people always appear first and are determined to share their thought. Don’t be late for any meeting or appointment. Don’t be like the average Ghanaian who is always waiting to appear last. Show confidence and take a seat and people will take you seriously.

Cheer for others’ success

Don’t pull up the ladder behind you after you’ve used it. Extend a hand back to lead your partner forward. Most Ghanaians want success for themselves and themselves only. That is a sign of insecurity, not confidence. Don’t feel sorry for yourself because the award doesn’t have your name on it, but instead cheer for the award winner. Celebrate the success of others rather than feeling threatened. Confident people support those around them.

Use your current skill to bolster your confidence in other skills

What are you good at?

What is your most proud accomplishment?

Answer these questions and reflect on them as you take on a new task. When you face an uphill battle, remember one of your proudest accomplishments. This will remind you you are capable since you’ve done it before. Confidence is born in what we have done and achieved. Use your prior success to propel yourself forward.

Celebrate constantly

How often do we reach our goals and immediately move on? If we don’t celebrate our success, it will diminish our recollection. So when u accomplish something you need to celebrate (responsibly) which will serve as a reminder to go for more. So you can take your team out for drinks when you close a deal or buy yourself something to mark your accomplishment.

These are the 6 steps to help you boost your confidence.

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