App review: This is a must have app to boost your productivity.

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This is a must have app to boost your productivity.

We all have busy schedules and trying our best to utilize the 24 hours we are given effectively. There are days that you just cannot accomplish every task you set out to complete in a day.

This happens when we fail to carefully plan our time and at the end of the day, we keep on procrastinating. Luckily for us we are in the technological world and there are several apps that when installed on our smartphones can help us effectively manage our time. The most basic one of them all is a clock and alarm that comes with every phone.

There are a ton of apps on the apple and android stores that claim to help you manage your time but not all of them work as you would be expecting. I’ve had the opportunity of using a number of them and would totally recommend Timetune to our cherished reader.

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Timetune is an app that is built to serve as a daily planner and time management assistant. The app’s goal is to increase your productivity and I can say that after using it for close to a year, it does every bit of that.


The app has a beautiful and simple user interface that makes setting it up much easier compared to others. The colourful arrangement of your daily tasks is what makes it different from other apps. It is designed in a way you can easily relate to.


The time management app is to help you improve your daily routine thanks to its time blocking feature. How does this work?

The time blocking feature breaks down your 24 hours into segments. By this, you decide how many hours you want to allocate to each activity of the day. You can then set it to repeat and make sequential differences to each weekly plan.

TimeTune will show you automatic statistics that will uncover where the time goes and where you can improve.

Apart from it default features features the app can synchronise with your device calender so you do not miss any important event. Additionally, you can add custom reminders with custom notifications .

My favourite feature about this app which I would recommend is its widgets on android phone. It has a widget that can be placed on the home screen and it gives you a full view of all upcoming activities in the smallest section of your phone screen.

Click here to download the app from the google playstore. : HERE

Don’t let precious time slip through your fingers without being productive.

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