Bolt driver rewarded with 20 cedis after returning notes of $100 a passenger left in his car.

Bolt driver rewarded with 20 cedis

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A Bolt driver has expressed his disappointment in a customer after he was rewarded only 20 cedis for returning thousands of dollars left in his car by the passenger.

According to the driver, he picked a Muslim girl from Opeibea to Dansoman. He saw that the customer had left a bag containing 100-dollar notes. As a good samaritan, he traced the owner of the bag and handed it over to her.

The ungrateful lady however folded 20 cedis note and put it in his hand. He called her back because his gesture deserved a better reward. to add more pepper to his wound she accused the driver of stealing 20$ from the amount in her bag.

Read the full post below:

Greetings! Dads, as a part-time Bolt driver, I picked this young Muslim girl in front of “OPEBEA HOUSE” to Dansoman keep fit area last night. When she got to her destination, she offload her luggage and left a bag full of 100$ notes behind my car.

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About 300 meters away from her house,she called me through the bolt app,immediately,I perceived she must have left something: when I turned,I saw the bag and returned it back to her house. I honked outside. Paa! Paa! Paa! Come and see speed her relatives came out with,oh! eiii! Driver yazo oh “ the driver has come” so much enthusiasm and shock! I handed over the bag to one of them and just when I had wanted to leave one said” oh wait for her,she sat on OKADA to see if they could locate you,so we are calling her and she will be here immediately. You deserve some reward “.

The young man exclaimed! This young lady arrived,no enthusiasm,not even surprised that I was able to bring back her money in this economic hardship oh. She dipped her hand inside her back pocket,brought out a note,checked it,put it back and took another and gave me it. I said thank you and left! 80 meters away,I stopped to check what she gave me.

Behold! This girl gave me 20Ghs note. I was like what! I drove to Dansoman roundabout,parked and pondered about the whole thing and then called her. Hello,this is the bolt driver,so you couldn’t even appreciate this great thing I did for you? You insulted me with a 20Ghs note? She was like” ah! But you took 20$ note from the money “ and hanged up immediately. 30 seconds later,she called, “erh can you come back to the house so I can give you a proper reward? Or we could send you Momo! I hanged up on her and immediately transferred back her 20Ghs to her.

I told some folks on our bolt and Uber WhatsApp pages,and Charley,the insults they have rained on me for returning that money paaa erh. Hmmm

If you are here and heard about this story last night,tell Abubakari Rauda that I am not happy at all with what she did.

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