Business: How to Start a Religion or Church in Ghana

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Are you eager to spread the gospel or create change and make money alongside it? are you prepared to tap into the growing female-dominated sector? then know that it doesn’t take much other than an effort to organize your religion or church and to get it officially recognized, it will be very rewarding especially when you see your work lead to a growing membership.

Choose Your Idea

Religious or church beliefs were established because the existing ones did little to offer spiritual satisfaction to individuals. So the very question to ask yourself before starting up is, Why do you want to establish a religion or church of your own?

Understanding why you intend to start your own religious institution will help you create a resounding plan for a thriving membership and cash flow. Write down your ideas about how you want your religion or church to be perceived.

Choose A Name And Establish The Fundamental System Of Beliefs

The name of your church or religion will reflect its purpose and core system of beliefs, so choose the name with great care which will exhibit your ideas. Take your time to consider or choose the central beliefs or messages of your religion or church, and try to inculcate these in the word or phrase that will function as its name.

If your church will have its roots in the scriptures, then pray, you need to establish great insight into the scriptures.

Establish Your Routines And Principles

Very few religious institutions succeed without a significant ceremonial component. Rituals and principles can indeed help to connect a new group and develop a feeling of commitment to the new religion or church in faith. These principles will help your community or members develop a new way of viewing the world differently than the others.


You have to seek legal status for your church or religion. In Ghana, churches are seen as non-profit and are more or less exempted from taxes. You don’t have to worry about paying a huge amount of money as taxes.

Choose Your Role In Your Religion’s Leadership Structure

Will you be the General Overseer? The holy one, Or perhaps the anonymous founder who instils your invention in the world? Most churches in Ghana started with one person but eventually, you will need others to help with the Church.


It’s important to get the word out about your religion or church if you want to grow its members. Ensure that your religion has active representation on all social media, and organise programs. Start radio and television programs. All of these will help in advertising your brand.

When all is set and done remember, great power comes with great responsibility.

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