C/R: Ritual Killing strikes fear into residents of Cape Coast

Ritual Killing strucks fear into recidents of Cape Coast

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Last Friday night, residents of Ola a superb in cape Coast were thrown into a state of shock when the body of a lady believed to be in her twenties was found lying in a pool of blood covered in machete wounds.

A close exermination revealed that it was a possible case of ritual killing because she had missed some parts of her body. The light-skinned girl had her private parts removed.

Eye witness accounts revealed that when they saw the body, they thought it was someone who had been knocked down by a private car leaving the scene. Upon a closer look, they realised that it was a ritual killing. Her body was allegedly dumped from the car.

The police were called to the scene and her body has since been deposited at the morgue while further investigations are being conducted.

Ritual killing is something completely out of the norm on Cape Coast. We hope the perpetrators of such heinous crimes are brought to book.

We will report any development as they unfold.

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