Change these four things in your life if you want to be successful.

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Success in life is achieved through hard work, persistence, loyalty to one,s goal and perfecting your failures”.

Many successful men and women would agree with this saying because it never comes easy. Every individual has goals in life or envisages a level they want to attain at some point in time. Some may be putting in the hard work but can’t show anything for it. In all cases, they are certain habits and traits that could be working against you.

Goals and ambitions could vary for each individual but the principle to achieving success cuts across regardless of what goals and ambitions you set out to achieve. Below are four habits you need to break because they may be hindering your progress up the success ladder.

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1 . you are doubting yourself and your capabilities.

You have failed in advance the moment you start doubting yourself when it comes to achieving a set goal. Subconsciously you create a condition in your mind that tricks it into believing that failing is ok and acceptable. When you believe in yourself completely and that you are capable, your mind will never work against you. If you do not change this mentality, the mind gradually accepts its new role and it becomes your way of life. This is the number one killer of dreams. Always believe in yourself and tell yourself that if it can be imagined then it can be achieved. Who would have thought centuries ago that human beings would be capable of flying?. The Wright brothers imagined it and worked towards it. It wouldn’t have been possible if they doubted themselves.

2 . Succumbing easily to distractions.

Human beings as a machine can only operate at 25% efficiency and that value seems low, but do you know that one of the most efficient machines made by man is the electrical transformer operating at efficiency between 95% and 99%. This should tell you that your ability to complete a task exceeds the tasks at hand, however, it is the distractions we face in our daily lives that limit our outputs. Try to structure your time appropriately and dedicate an hour or two specifically towards a personal project. Turn off all phones and gadgets and give it your all. Repeat this for a week and you will understand the importance of separating your mind from distractions.

3 . You take more time thinking instead of doing.

Sometimes we spend a lot of time thinking and planning how we are going to achieve a set goal but are never courageous enough to execute our plans. This could be a result of fear, procrastination and lack of inspiration. All you need to do is to start. You cannot tell if you will fail or succeed if you never start. Figuring it all out does not always come at once however starting with the little you know will even attract more creative ideas needed for completing tasks.

4 . Social media is stealing all your productive time

The average person spends a total of 2 hours on social media. That is not bad so far as you are using social media for something productive. We are in the internet age and making money on social media has become a sort of profession. It has also become an avenue to waste productive time basically doing nothing. Everything in moderation is the way to success. As a personal morning ritual, I try to spend 3 hours in the morning when I wake up away from social media and it has been tremendously beneficial as I am able to complete all my daily tasks and even start the day’s

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