Charges on water and electricity use are likely to go up in July- IES

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The charges on water and electricity use are likely to go up in July this year.

The Institute of Energy Security IES has projected that utility tariffs are likely to go up in July this year.

Nana Amoasi VIII, an energy analyst with the institute, made this revelation. He added that it was necessary that we brace ourselves for the increment so that the transmission and distribution grid does not crumple.

The energy analyst advised that, in order to save the grid from collapsing, it would be necessary that we paid a little more on the electricity and water we use.

According to him, utility tariffs haven’t increased much in the last seven years even though the operational cost of supplying electricity has been on the rise.

The executive director of the IES also called on the major electricity companies in Ghana to put in more effort and work to reduce commercial losses.

“They should make sure that the sacrifices that Ghanaians are being asked to make by paying more for electricity in such a challenging time reflect an increased reliability in power supply within the shortest possible time.” He said.

Meanwhile, The executive secretary of the Public Utility Regulation Commission has said that all key stakeholders were currently reviewing electricity and water charges.

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