Determine Whether a Person Is Good or Bad Using These Dog Signs

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Your tone or body language can quickly expose you to a dog. It can determine whether you have a good or bad intention. Dogs, who are extremely sensitive can notice and sense the tiny things humans are incapable of. This ability of dogs is the reason they can develop a dislike for individuals within an instant. So if you want to determine the hidden personality of a friend or stranger, observe a dog after it meets the person for the first time.

When your dog is around a good person, you will generally find that it runs up to the person, wags its tail, jumps up and licks the person’s face, and seems excited to be around the person. If your pooch is around a bad person, the signs will be very different. 

Your dog is likely to be backing away, has its tail tucked, has its ears down, whine, and may even be afraid to go close to the person. Some dogs may show signs of aggression around a bad person such as exposing their teeth, snapping, and growling. More timid dogs may run away and hide, as they will be reluctant to come out while the bad person is around. 

The body language displayed by your dog will vary greatly based on whether it thinks the person is good or bad. Even if the person speaks nicely to your dog, the pooch will not be fooled as it can still sense badness in a person. The hair on the nape of your dog’s neck may stand on edge, it may back away from the person while growling, and it may growl or snap at the person. You may find that your dog is very reluctant to go close to the person and whines or digs its heels in if you try to take it over on a lead. 

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