Diana Asamoah sacked from Frimprince Music Production.

Diana Asamoah no more with Frimprince Music Production1

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Evangelist Diana Asamoah has been banned by her music producer, Frimprince Music Productions to desist from performing any song under the banner of Frimprince Music Productions.

In a press statement, Mr Emmanuel Anane Frimpong, CEO of Frimprince Music Productions said that Diana Asamoah violated many terms in their agreement hence the need to terminate her contract.

Given the contract’s expiration, Evangelist Diana Asamoah is no longer permitted to credit Mr Emmanuel Anane Frimpong as the project’s executive producer.

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Under conditions of her termination, Diana Asamoah’s own verified Facebook account will no longer be accessible to her including other company digital properties.

Frimprince Music also distanced itself from the upcoming ABBA FATHER concert series which is organised annually in his honour.

All songs written or recorded throughout the term of the agreement shall remain the property of the firm.

Given that they had collaborated for 22 years, this revelation comes as quite a shock.

Copy of the press release is below:

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