Does applying milk to your skin remove scars and acne?

Does applying milk to your skin remove scars and acne

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When wounds are not properly treated, they leave very unpleasant scars that we are sometimes forced to live with forever or at best for a very long time. We usually hear of several remedies that are claimed to obliterate scars.

There are advanced medications and treatments that have a higher success rate of getting rid of scars as a result of wounds and popular amongst them is silicone sheet or gel. There are also laser treatment procedures to remove scars.

You may have heard of the use of fresh milk for treating wounds and ultimately removing scars when they heal up.

Today on Health & Fitness, we are going to confirm if this remedy is effective in removing scars or if it is just a myth.

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Can Milk Remove Scars?

Yes, milk can remove scars, but it doesn’t happen overnight.

The benefits of applying milk to your body don’t only remove scars it also improves your skin and gets rid of wrinkles. This is because milk contains lactic acid which is a natural exfoliating agent.

Applying milk to a scar over quite a long time can reduce the visibility of the scar to a certain extent.

The good part is that it doesn’t irritate your skin and causes no hyperpigmentation. Using just milk on your scar may take a very long time however for optimum results, use it in combination with honey.

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Honey has also been known to remove scars and acne for a very long time. Although it is not a magical-end all solution, it can also reduce the effects drastically.

The appropriate milk to use for scars is not processed milk but fresh milk.

Aside from the ability to reduce scars, fresh milk is also able to prevent signs of ageing thanks to vitamins A and B. It also makes the skin glow.

When used with turmeric, this natural cleanser can be a beauty mask that removes black spots up to 80%.

It is important to note that fresh milk can help reduce certain types of scars but not all. It stands no chance against keloid scars.

NB: The remedies mentioned in this article are not suitable for those who are lactose intolerant.

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