Don’t be the one on his or her leash.

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Meeting the right partner isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Sometimes you may meet the wrong ones once or twice before meeting that special person for you.

When it comes to crossing paths with a couple of wrong people, we mostly do not have control over these things. They just happen. However, getting out of such situations is entirely your responsibility because the power to be happy lies in your hands.

In your love and romantic life, you are likely to come across that one “perfect” person whom you desperately want to be a part of your life but they never return the same energy. You may even change a thing or two about yourself because you have fallen in love with them.

Everything you may try to convince them to stay cemented in your life only works for a short while then fails miserably. The truth is the one who wants to be kept would be kept.

They make you the happiest person on earth and on some days they make you feel like the worst of the worst.

One question you would keep asking yourself is “WHY won’t HE OR SHE ALSO LOVE ME EVEN THOUGH IVE MOVED HEAVEN AND EARTH TO PROVE TO THEM I AM GOOD FOR THEM?” this could lead to some self-doubt and even make you question your worth.

If you are lucky to meet the kind that would be honest with you about their feelings towards you when it’s not mutual and even give you space and time to heal and move on then thank your stars.

But with the kind that finds you unworthy enough to commit to and not worthless enough to let go then you are doomed. That is what I term “Being held on a leash“.

If you ever find yourself in a situationship where you like someone and they give you the impression that they also like you but they’d rather prefer friendship in the meantime, run. It is two things; either they want you to be stuck in the friendzone or they haven’t finished getting what they want from you.

Traits of someone “holding you on a leash”:

1 . They prefer to be just friends with you but as soon as they realize you are giving yourself another chance at love elsewhere they start giving you false hope that you are two are possible.

2 . He or she returns the same energy sometimes when it favours them or they want something from you.

3. They will lean on you, making you feel so important in their lives but all that while they will be draining you of opportunities to meet the real guy or lady meant for you, who would take you seriously.

4. Some would even go as far as to share an intimate moment, which could be sex or making out with you to lock you into the position they want you to be. When it happens this way you would feel guilty within even if you want to walk away.

If you identify any of these traits in someone you like who claims to like you back but doesn’t necessarily want to commit then the best you can do is to disregard how they will feel and bolt. By doing that you free yourself from manipulation and emotional blackmail.

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