Eight out of Ten (8/10) Ghanaians Would Want To Leave The Country – Dumelo’s Survey.

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  • John Dumelo conducted a short survey on Twitter.
  • 88% out of the 28,598 that voted want to leave the country.
  • 8/10 Ghanaians would escape Ghana when given the opportunity.

We can all agree that times are hard in the country and only a few privileged ones in Ghana get to enjoy the national cake while the citizens that voted them into power suffer to deal with the increase in fuel, rent, food prices, and now with the introduction of the e-levy being forced down our throat.

A lot of frustrated Ghanaians have expressed concerns over the difficulties faced in the country. In fact, the president of Ghana has come out to say that he is not responsible for the hardship in the country.

A lot of celebrities and prominent people have added their voices to the ongoing financial stress on Ghanaians and notable amongst them is Actor turned Politician, John Dumelo. In a post he shared on his Twitter page, the actor and entrepreneur with almost 2 million followers inquired from his followers to find out how many of them would leave the country and settle abroad if they were given the opportunity.

The results of this poll he described as disturbing. He also asked what can be done to fix the problem. Most of the comments the post received indicate that nothing can be done. Clearly, Almost every Ghanaian would leave the country as it is on the verge of collapse due to mismanagement on the path of its leader.

From the disturbing results, it can be said that eight out of ten (8/10) Ghanaians want to leave the country if given the opportunity. These figures are based on the number of people who voted on Dumelo’s post. 28,589 in all.

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