E:levy: Haruna Iddrisu describes the supreme court’s orders to GRA as “heartwarming”

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Hon. Haruna Iddrisu has described the supreme court’s order given to the Ghana Revenue Authority to preserve the e-lev records as “refreshing and heartwarming”.

The minority leader who is also serving as the plaintiff against the e-levy implementation in court has remained solid in his side’s decision against the e-levy.

The highest court of the land issued an order to the GRA to make sure that all deductions are refundable should it be ruled that the e-levy implementation was unconstitutional.

This comes after the court, comprising seven members unanimously dismissed the application by the minority MPs.

Honourable Haruna Iddrisu said that he is satisfied so far with the court’s order to GRA.

Speaking in a press after the ruling on Wednesday, Haruna Iddrisu said that they raised the matter to serve the public’s interest.

“At least some people will not be in a rush to collateralise it until the substantive matter is determined. We raised this matter because it is of public interest, constitutional significance,”

The court ruling said that stalling the government on elevy deductions would have dire consequences on the country’s economy.

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