Everything you should know about stretch marks and what to do when they start showing.

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Everything you should know about stretch marks and what to do when they start showing

Stretch marks are something that many people battle with, especially women who are more concerned about their looks than anything. Although it is a painless indented streak commonly appearing on the stomach, breast, abdomen and other parts of the body, many people loathe it due to how it makes their skin look.

In some extreme cases, it breeds a lot of insecurities and low self-esteem most especially among women which shouldn’t be the case as it is completely natural.

This ‘unpleasant’ change is also most common amongst pregnant women and becomes more visible the younger you are.

Everything you should know about stretch marks and what to do when they start showing


The causes of stretch marks are diverse with the most common cause being the stretching of the skin due to rapid weight loss and gain.

i.  level of the hormone cortisol also plays a role. This hormone when produced by the adrenalin glands destroys the elasticity of the skin.

ii. Pregnancy: stretch marks appear on women when they get pregnant and they mostly worsen in the last trimester stage.

iii. Genetics: Genetics play a role in almost everything. Getting stretch marks on your body can partly be blamed on your genes. If you have a history in your family, then there is a higher chance for you. There are even some genetic disorders like Cushing’s syndrome or Marfan syndrome that could lead to stretch marks.

Do stretch marks disappear with time?

Yes and No. Some stretch marks are not permanent. In that case, they will vanish with time some are also permanent just like any other scar on the body. Using any other form of treatment that you believe would work only makes it fade away but it is still there. Giving it a long time and regular hydration can also make it appear fainter.

Is there a correlation between stretch marks and a person’s weight?

Stretch mark isn’t something peculiar to only plus-sized people as most people have been led to believe. It can appear on anyone however gaining or losing weight or muscle very quickly can speed up the process of developing stretch marks. Also losing weight quickly will cause stretch marks and with that, it will be much more visible when you gain back the lost fat. There are bodybuilders in great physical form who have stretch marks. It is completely normal.

How do you stop or cure stretch marks?

There isn’t a miracle cure to stretch marks however Tretinoin which is a drug used in treating sun-damaged skin and acne is proven to be effective in making stretch marks disappear. the drug is basically a synthesis of Vitamin A and is also called retinoic acid. It helps rebuild proteins in the skin called collagen and that goes a long way to help your stretch marks.

Laser Therapy has been around for a while now and it is known to help with stretch marks because of its ability to stimulate collagen production in the body.

Other Remedies for Stretch Marks

Using a Derma roller has been seen to improve the texture of the skin. Although the impact it will make on the skin is minimal, it is worth a shot.

Aloe Vera is also known to help reduce the visibility of stretch marks. The ability of the plant to repair the skin also makes it a good remedy if you wish to prevent stretch marks.

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Stretch marks are painless but disliked because of how it makes the skin look.

There is no miracle cure but it can fade off with time

Most common amongst young pregnant women

Rapid weight loss and gain can also cause stretch marks.

Tretinoin can also be used to reduce the severity of stretch marks.

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