Five (5) Genius ways to look more attractive you probably didn’t know of.

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Five (5) Genius ways to look more attractive you probably didn’t know of.

When it comes to things that make a person more attractive, we can inarguably state that it varies from person to person. There are those who may be attracted to you by what is physical, like height, looks, size of b00bs and azz for women.

There are others who are also finding some specific traits attractive. With this category, the focus is more on the person’s personality and basically how they carry themselves.

You might not be the prettiest in most people’s perspective of beauty or even meet the false social media standard of beauty but one thing is certain, and that is if you are a likeable person most people will find you attractive. This statement is true because uniqueness heightens the god-given beauty of everyone.

Read the points below to find what best works for you.

1. Mannerism: Adopting a more refined way of speaking and behaving can significantly make you a likeable person. We are not asking you to go simping for anyone however giving that ‘ I see you I regard you’ vibe creates an impression in people’s minds that you are an approachable person. Let your conversations be brief and meaningful. Know when not to use please unnecessarily. ‘Please’ can sometimes sound rude.

2. Facial Expressions: Point number one sums up almost everything including facial expressions. Putting on a smile when necessary is also a good way to say ‘ I’m likeable, there’s nothing to be afraid of, come close’. The keyword here is necessary because too much of it and you give the impression that you are not very correct in the head.

Fluidity in your expressions makes you a super attractive person. When it’s time to keep on a serious face like in the middle of work do it moderately, when it’s time to smile make sure yours is the brightest one in the room and that crush of yours will find you super attractive. A very important point you shouldn’t forget is, try not to be a clown.

3. Surround yourself with real people. The kind of circle you find yourself in can significantly add to your attractiveness or shockingly take from it. Excuse my language but no matter who you are if you find yourself in a group regarded as losers you automatically give the impression that you are a loser too.

No matter the squad you find yourself in, you don’t want to be the topmost dawg or the under dawg, just in between is fine enough to add to your attractiveness.

4. Dress confidently.  How you dress is how you will be addressed. I’m no fashion expert but one thing I know for sure is that the style of your dress speaks a lot about you. If you dress too expensive and flashy you may attract expensive people or simply show-offs and fake people. Making good use of what you have and can afford equally makes you super attractive. It gives the ‘ I’m simple and I do what I’m comfortable with’ kind of vibe. You don’t want to appear too colourful in a sunny day, you are not a rainbow. There are lots of dressing tips online you can learn from.

5. Be your real self and know your worth.

There are millions of reasons why you should be yourself and a very important one is that it makes people appreciate your uniqueness. When people see you are different, they begin to treat you with respect if and only if you know your self worth and place some value on it. Undervaluing one’s self and having low self-esteem can be contagious and no one wants that. If you are constantly speaking low of yourself, you give everyone around you the impression that you are garbage.

No one goes to bed thinking about how messy you look or behaved but naturally, a great impression lasts for a lifetime. So do your best to leave a lasting impression

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