Four major reasons why celebrity relationships fail

why celebrity relationships fail

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Just like average people, celebrities also go through failed relationships sometimes, the only difference is theirs is easily heard of but relatively the number of failed celeb relationships is equal to that of average people. Celebrity relationships fail for many reasons, but the most prominent reason is the need to please social media.

Having a celebrity partner means that you are under constant scrutiny from fans and the media. When your relationship fails, a lot of eyes are on you—and they’re not all friendly. If you don’t want to get dragged through the mud in public, it’s best not to have a serious relationship with anyone famous.

Another common reason for failure is too many noses up in couples’ business. Even if you’ve managed to keep your relationship out of sight and out of mind so far, once it becomes public knowledge (which it inevitably will), people will start poking around in your personal affairs just because they can. You may find yourself getting advice from everyone who thinks they know what’s best for your relationship—even though they don’t know anything about it!

Pressure from fans also has an effect on celebrity relationships. Fans often want their favourite celebrities together forever, no matter what happens between them behind closed doors; this can lead to some pretty intense pressure on couples who might otherwise be able to make things work just fine without fan intervention.

And finally, zero privacy and less quality time in celebrity relationships are two more

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