Ghanaians are disappointed in Dampare’s leadership: #DampareMustGo is trending number one

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The inspector general for the Ghana police service, (IGP) George Akuffo Dampare who was once a public hero seems to have fallen out of the grace of Ghanaians due to the recent misconduct of his men.

The crimes committed by his men span from armed robbery to collaborating with gangs of robbers to orchestrate crimes you’d least expect from police officers.

#DampareMustGo has been trending on Twitter today as netizens have called for the resignation of IGP George Dampare with immediate effect.

The IGP has been labelled incompetent because it was under his leadership that the Bullion Van attack happened.

After the incident at Nkoranza which led to the death of a young man, Ghanaians have unleashed their anger over how the whole incident was handled by the police force.

The police attempt to cover up made things even worse. They claimed that the innocent man was an armed robber which is nowhere near the truth.

The IGp after he assumed office gave Ghanaians hope that he was capable of instilling discipline through his “no one is above the law” campaign. In less than 3 years he has already given up and allowed the corruption web to entangle him.

It comes as no surprise that Ghanaians want him out now.

Many experts have blamed the high rate of crime in the police force on the entire recruitment process in Ghana. It has no integrity as even an armed robber can buy forms and by knowing a few politicians he or she can pass out as a police officer.

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