Office Romance: Is he simply being nice because we work together?

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So I have this really big crush on this guy that I work with. He is very kind, caring, chill and overall reliable and responsible as well. He always has a smile on his face whenever I talk to him.

When we first started working together, he would be the one who provided me with reassurance. Now he’s teasing and making jokes about what I’m doing. He is someone who I can always go to without fear at work.

He always helps with a smile on his face. He also squeezes my shoulders and gives me hugs. He remembers small things. Like the fact that I liked hugs (even though I only ever mumbled it once) so he gave me one after my first work breakdown.

Sometimes we’d be in a group setting and just end up smiling at each other over some small behaviour or another. I sometimes get a really concentrated face and he would look over and laugh at it, then when I ask him he’d say it’s nothing.

We sometimes have really funny interactions where I’d ask him something and he’d answer slightly embarrassed, it’s really cute. I kinda really like him. He is someone I am definitely comfortable around. He is happy to give me hugs as well, which I am not complaining about.

Funny story, recently I had to reach quite tall shelves (I am below average), and he would laugh at my attempt before helping me. He is a smiley person, but I noticed that his smile is always on his face whenever I talk to him or even wave hello or bye. I always wave, and he started waving as well even when we are standing close to each other.

He’d also feel a little bit bad whenever he’d ask me to do some less desired tasks at work, in fact, he apologises for making me do them. I like art and whenever he sees my pieces, he makes sure to point out the good parts because he knows I am extremely critical of myself. He always tried to make me feel included. So now I have to question;

Is he simply being nice because we work together?

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