“He told me about his past, he smoked for many years but…”

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I have known this guy for less than a year. and he seems to act normal when he is around a group of other guys (and me), but he becomes a bit shy and embarrassed but talks very softly when he is with me alone.

He told me about his past like he smoked for many years before but quit, and also told me about the jobs he had done before, what he wants to do this year and sometimes about his family. He told me all these personal things without me asking any. He seems quite open up to me.

One of the strange things is that he never asked me out or initiated a conversation with me (usually I initiate first), but he is the introverted, shy type of guy so I am not sure if it’s his nature. But he would reply me with many words and could keep talking for a few hours if I text him.

Recently he mentioned he wants to travel (as a short trip on a weekend) with his friends, then I asked if I can join with his friends and him, he said he’s sure I would not like his friends so he promised me he would go with me alone on a different trip. Actually, I like him but don’t know what he thinks of me. 

Do you think he likes me? or just a normal friend?

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