Here is why you are experiencing lots of muscle cramps.

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If you have ever been in a situation where a muscle in your body suddenly contracted and gave an unpleasant pain then you have just experienced a muscle cramp.

This effect is harmless in most cases. However, if it happens too frequently, it may need more attention than TRYING TO SELF MEDICATE OR WAITING TILL THE pain passes.

Muscle cramps in the body after the target muscles have been overused are completely normal because it happens when they are not getting sufficient oxygen and circulation. It usually happens to your calf and rarely to other parts of your body.

Muscle cramp becomes an issue of concern when it is a result of an underlying medical condition. If it is experienced in the abs more often even when you haven’t done any core training then it could be a sign of a hernia. If the slightest cough or sneeze triggers a cramp in your abdomen then you need to see a doctor immediately.

A lack of the following nutrients; calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium could also result in more frequent cramping of the muscles in the body so try to eat more nuts, legumes, whole grains, wheat etc.

When to take cramping very serious

As stated earlier, cramping in itself is nothing too serious however it could indicate some medical conditions such as kidney failure, spinal nerve compression, and hypothyroidism, that is low thyroid gland function. In pregnant women, muscle cramping can be a bit too frequent.

You should contact a doctor when…

  1. The pains are too severe.
  2. Cramping is too frequent
  3. Accompanied by swelling of the affected area

As an immediate remedy, apply ice to the affected area to numb the pain or use a hot cloth to massage the area. A heating pad is even much better. You can also try to stretch the muscle.

As a preventive measure, remember to lower your intake of food and drinks rich in caffeine and make sure to always stay hydrated. Also, it is important to perform adequate warm-up exercises before any strenuous activity.

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