Here’s How Long Foreplay Should Last

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Do you have to consider the time you spend during foreplay? does it matter how long you spend getting frisky? You might be curious to know the length of time couples should invest in letting things get heated before doing the deed.

Research has found that on average, women tend to feel that longer foreplay is ideal, while men significantly underestimated the amount of foreplay their partners desired.

What is foreplay?

The process that prepares the body for s$x. The intimate and physical exchanges that increases your arousal and taste for s$x.

Foreplay is beneficial for warming up the body and mind for sexual chemistry. It also leads to an increased experience of pleasure and intensity

How long should foreplay last?

Women and men have different sexual arousal and peak needs. The actual timing of foreplay varies from person to person; meaning a specific timeline doesn’t matter when it comes to how long foreplay should last. So foreplay should not be put on a timeline, but rather be determined through preferences and response.

Think quality over quantity. Do what best prepares your partner because In the end what makes s$x great is authentic connection.

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