HIV/AIDS epidemic to break out soon -President’s advisor warns Ghanaians

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Advisor to the president on issues about HIV/AIDS, Dr. Makowa Blay Adu-Gyamfi has called on the media to help educate the people on HIV/AIDS, stating that it is real and still a huge problem.

She expressed her worry over how Ghanaians have thrown caution to the wind when it comes to their sex life and prevention against the deadly disease.

According to the president’s advisor, people are no more afraid of the virus and even going as far as engaging in Homosexuality. She added that Ghana as a country isn’t doing very well in the field of educating the public against HIV/AIDS.

Dr. Adu-Gyamfi also warned that looking the way we have shifted our attention from HIV/AIDS prevention, it should come as no surprise if an epidemic breaks out .

Africa has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS infection in the world. Although tremendous progress has been made towards containing the virus and reducing its spread, more has to be done. The level of recklessness has become alarming considering how people prefer unprotected s3x over protecting themselves, especially among the youth.

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