How to manage and avoid an emotional crisis.

How to manage an emotional crisis

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How to help yourself manage an emotional crisis. ?

Every person goes through a crisis in their lives which can have a significant toll on their emotions.

Emotional crisis (mental crisis) is a natural element of life and can be described as “temporary, periodic disturbance of mental balance caused by an internal or external threat

The main thing is to not lose yourself in any crisis and accept your situation. In this case, you’d either have a solution to your problem or accept what happened and move on.

What are some beneficial ways to help yourself during an emotional crisis?

When you’re having an emotional breakdown or meltdown you need to follow these four ways to help yourself out of the situation.

The first is to rinse your face with cold water or move an ice cube on your face to cool down your temperature. This would help you cool down, not physically but mentally as well.

The second thing you need to do is intense and fierce exercise which matches your extreme emotions so if you’re upset, your mind would divert from being upset to exhaust, but you have to be careful not to indulge in intense harmful activities that could be regretted later.

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The third thing is to control your breathing. That way you can have control over your body and emotions. You have to learn to control your breathing also it would help if you immediately started breathing exercises to calm down your nerves and help you activate the flight and fight mode.

The fourth thing is to tighten your voluntary muscle and then relax.

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These are skeletal muscles that attach to bones and can be consciously activated to control movement. Common voluntary skeletal muscles include the biceps, triceps, lats, abdominals, glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings.

This way your muscles will relax more and give you a feeling of steadiness as relaxed muscles require less oxygen. So your heart rate and breathing would go back to normal.

The above four steps would help you make wise decisions and cope with an emotional crisis better, calm, and collected.

In the long term, the following would help you overcome or at best avoid emotional crises.

How to mange and avoid an emotional crisis.

Whenever you’re experiencing negative emotions coming off through some crisis. You need to follow specific steps, to keep yourself away from harm.

Get yourself busy and engage in healthy activities that would keep your mind off negative emotions.

Do something good and kind for someone to make them feel good in response, you will also feel better and brighten.

Start comparing your life in a healthy way to when you had experienced more hardships and still got through it or remember someone who had something terrible happen to them but still got through it, this would help you see your current situation from a different perspective.

Summon the opposite emotion of what you’re feeling. suppose you’re feeling sad? watch a comedy movie or a funny video to change your mood.

Similarly, if you have too much anxiety, try doing meditation to relax, another useful thing to do during an emotional crisis, is to find meaning. In that situation, you need to ask yourself. “What am I learning from this experience?”

Look for a reason and inform yourself not to repeat the same mistakes, which led you to your current difficult situations, which tends to help you deal with an emotional crisis.

Comment below any other experiences you have that may be of benefit to the next reader.

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