How to silence an online troll with silence.

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Silencing trolls with silence

Have you ever heard the saying that goes “Silence is golden”?. Yes, silence is golden because it sends a message that can sometimes be louder and more impactful than words. The world we live in is filled with m0r0ns that are evenly distributed such that you will meet one every day.

These people are all over, at the church place, your workplace and mostly on social media because they have nothing to do and are just out there to ruin your great day. They can be critics that won’t share their opinions without being petty or undermining your intelligence or simply haters.

Your negative critics and haters dwell on the distress you feel each time they pass destructive comments. Everything they say is to get a bad reaction from you just so they can keep dragging you through the mud.

It can be tempting to go along and exchange words for words but that doesn’t always help your case. These people have become so good at what they do so you would be wasting your time if you try arguing with them.

The best thing I always recommend is to remain silent because that gives them no power and eliminates other chances of having your peace of mind reuined and your reputation tarnished. Most of the time, they have nothing to lose.

Never Wrestle with a Pig. You Both Get Dirty and the Pig Likes It; This is a reason why you shouldn’t give your energy and words to such trolls and haters on social media.

There are so many messages that remaining silent in troller or cyber bully’s ring sends and here are just a few of them:

Silencing trolls with silence

When you remain silent especially when a troller is trying everything possible to get you talking or a negative response, you give them the impression that you are just unbothered by their antics and that your peace of mind means a lot to you. They will attempt any means possible but no matter how tempted you are to clap back, resist engaging them. By doing so you have removed the fuel from the fire. It is only a matter of time and they would just feel stupid and keep quiet.

A troller’s biggest motivation comes from people who join him or her to keep dragging you. The feeling of being in the spotlight makes them forget their problems and eases the pressure on their useless lives. Another good reason why you shouldn’t engage such people is because they have absolutely nothing to lose. When you don’t encourage them with your responses they will have no other choice that to back down.

Keeping mute in the face of trolling sends the message that nothing that is going on attracts your attention. The very last thing you would want to do in such a situation is to take things personal. Once the cyber bully determines that you have taken things personal they will keep on dragging you until you break. Hold your head high and distract yourself with something meaningful if you feel tempted to respond to online trollers.

You would be stooping so low to their level when you engage an online troller and at that level they have a higher chance of destroying you completely because they are low and feel low 100% of the time so they know their terrain very well.

Keep in mind that even your haters when alone on their beds at think about themselves and their problems. No one goes to bed plotting how to make your life miserable the next day unless you yourself give them reasons to or they are witches. If you ever make a mistake that people try to hope on just to be in the spotlight allow them. It doesn’t last compared to the good reputation you may have built for yourself over the years.

Unless things get physical then I would suggest you react. If it is defaming or gets to the point where it is too far then I would advice you take the necessary actions against them.

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