I am a f00l for the NPP just like Appiah Stadium – Evangelist Diana Asamoah

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Diana Asamoah praises Appiah Stadium for being Loyal to Former president John Mahama.

Ghanaian gospel musician and pro-New Patriotic Party (NPP) activist Evangelist Diana Asamoah has told Ghanaians she is the NPP version of National Democratic Congress(NDC) serial caller Appiah Stadium.

Speaking in a video that has gone viral, the gospel singer is heard praising Appiah Stadium amidst insults and derogatory comments she claims are associated with the pro-John Mahama sympathizer.

‘Appiah Stadium is loyal to Mahama, likewise, I am also loyal to Nana Addo, Just as Appiah Stadium will praise Mahama I am also praising Nana Addo, she said.

“Don’t be ungrateful to people especially when that person has helped you before” she is heard saying on the tape.

“When God impacts you, people, through others you don’t speak bad or ill of them”, she stressed

”Appiah Stadium is the biggest fool in the world, Appiah is the bravest person in the world, Appiah tops all in the ranking of fools, I am the replica of him in the NPP but I am wise, not foolish like Appiah Stadium”

The gospel musician is heard likening herself to Appiah Stadium and adding that he is a fool and she Diana Asamoah is his replica.

“You see how Appiah Stadium does not joke with Mahama, likewise I don’t joke with Mahama. Nana Addo is an unbreakable President who has impacted people with Free SHS, the battle is still the Lords”

“You can call Appiah Stadium now and ask him about his foolishness, he will not deny it, boastful Diana Asamoah is heard saying.

Evangelist Diana Asamoah has become a known Nana Addo loyalist and an NPP campaigner even mounting platforms to campaign prior to the 2020 reelection of the party.

Watch full video below:

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