“I am a ticking time bomb, a delicate beast” – Delay

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Ace tv presenter and host of the Delay Show, Deloris Frimpong Manso is undoubtedly the best in the business.

In yesterday’s episode of the delay tv show, she addressed herself as a delicate beast and a ticking time bomb. She heaped lots of titles on herself and likened her personality to that of a hurricane. Hurricane Delay as she called herself.

She said on 8th May’s edition of the show that “I’m a lovely savage, a delicate beast, a dormant volcano, a silent tsunami, I’m a ticking timebomb waiting to explode. If you study me, you’d notice there is a reason hurricanes are predominately named after females. I’m hurricane Delay,”

It is unclear what she meant by saying she is a “ticking time bomb” but we hope she doesn’t cause mass destruction when she blows up.

She interviewed Ghana’s great dancehall acts, AK Songstress in yesterday’s show. When asked about rumours surrounding her affair with her manager, she denied it and asserted that she has a boyfriend.

AK songstress also revealed that she once dated a Ghanaian footballer.

Delay’s award-winning show has seen some celebrities make a “laughing stock” out of themselves due to the nature of her interview. We believe the accolades she has showered on herself are rightly deserved because like a hurricane, she would expose your “fake life” as she has done with several others.

She won’t spare any opportunity to devour those who come for her head and celebrities like Tracy Boakye, Diamond Appiah and several others have felt her heat.

The hardworking tv presenter who previously worked at some big radio stations prides herself on hard work and is a role model to many.

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Watch the full interview below

I am a ticking time bomb a delicate beast

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