I cheated on my husband to get him an heir- Eps2

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Memuna first asked me, are you sure you are ready to do what it takes to have your own child? I replied yes. She went on to spill the secret.

She first started telling me about what she went through when she first married Yahaya. Her in-laws ridiculed her and even called her barren when she wasn’t conceiving. Out of desperation, she cheated on her husband just to be sure she wasn’t the problem.

Mamuna had visited lots of fertility treatment clinics but she was assured by every doctor that examined her that she was perfectly fine.

Out of her affair, she conceived but couldn’t terminate the child. her husband was already filled with joy so she had no other option than to keep the baby. She raised the child to believe that Yarhaya was her father when she knew in her heart that he wasn’t.

Years passed and our husband was still hoping for a male heir. Memuna under so much pressure had to look for her daughter’s biological father to impregnate her again. The mystery man agreed and impregnated her. “I chose him again because his physical looks match that of Yarhaya, also I wanted all my children to have a close resemblance to each other so that no one suspects me,” She said.

When I asked where her children’s real father was she replied “Do you think I would leave my secrets uncovered?”

She asked me if I was ready to do what it takes to have my baby. I said “YES” that was when I began to feel a bit dizzy all of the sudden while the conversation was still ongoing. I was losing consciousness.

That was when Dinah immediately forced open my mouth and poured a mysterious green liquid into my mouth. I regained consciousness in a confused and scared state. I asked what had happened and that was when they revealed to me I had passed their test.

Everything that had led to that night was all a test. It was my initiation into the “The Black Roses Cult”. If I had refused the offer placed before me It would have been my last night on earth. Only God knew why I said yes that night. A part of me was glad I did.

Now knowing very well that my life wasn’t entirely in my hand, I knew from that moment that I owed my new sisters complete loyalty.

We left the restaurant shortly after and headed to our individual homes.

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