I helped him to get a job now he’s cheating with my boss.

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Ive been with my boyfriend for almost 5 years now. Things were very ok between us until about 2 years ago he lost his job. He didn’t want to tell me he had been fired. It was one of his former colleagues who told me. He works as a company driver.

For the past year I’ve been the one feeding him and paying the bills while he continues to hunt for a job. My salary is less than 1000 cedis so things were very tough.

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God being so good my madam whom I work with said she needed a driver to drive her around. I begged her to offer the job to my boyfriend but I lied to my her that he’s my brother because I think it would have been disrespectful to say it was my bf.

He didn’t want to do the work because the pay was even smaller than mine but at least it is not so bad. He started the work and things became a bit easy for both of us.

My guy after few weeks all of the sudden changed towards me and I didn’t understand. He gets angry at the least thing I do and wouldn’t even want to touch me. I also noticed that he has become very secretive and won’t even allow me to touch his phone. But all the same I was hopeful that he will change for the better.

We work in the same house. I’m a helper to the woman and also nanny to her children. Her husband is out of the country and comes home on holidays. My boyfriend ‘s work days are different from mine so we don’t always meet in the house.

Even at the work place he gives me attitude but I learnt to cope anyway.
On one of my off days I decided to go to my work place to give the house keys to my bf because I had to go for singing practice and the only key to our apartment was with me.

My bf had left in the morning to attend to madam. I didn’t even expect to meet them at home. Because I have the key to the house I just opened and entered.
I got to my madam’s house and to my surprise I saw my boyfriend on top of my madam and they were having sex. I was so shocked that I couldn’t move and stood there.

When they saw me they quickly dressed up I also run out of the house almost in tears. I was really heart broken that I didn’t know what to say. I also didn’t want to expose myself to the madam that I lied about Fred.
So I went home and cried myself to sleep.

He didn’t come home that day but came the following day. When he came we ended up having a bad quarrel.

I was the one paying the rent at that time so I threw him out because I was very anger, and without any remorse he left the house.
I got to work the following Monday and saw that he has moved into the house with my madam.

This woman called me aside and apologized for sleeping with my brother and said that she didn’t mean to.

Hmmm I almost told her that was my boyfriend but out of fear of losing my my job I kept quiet. She also promised to double my pay if I don’t tell anyone.
CK that is not all, what is even painful is that my now ex-boyfriend is making the house a hell for me. When the madam is not around he will come and taunt me . Sometimes he gropes my breasts me so hard that I get bruised. I really want to tell my madam the truth but I don’t want to lose my job.

I don’t know how I will feed myself and take care of my siblings fees if I lose this job.
I don’t know what to do now and I’m dying inside slowly.

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