I went to Jail Because of My Fiancee and Her Baby Daddy – eps 2

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That evening she refused to talk to anyone in the house. I tried to understand her because of the struggle she had to go through to take custody of her son in the past, I even tried to apologize to maintain the peace. By morning she had packed her things and wanted to go back to the city. We were all so shocked at her decision. She overreacted. I tried to convince her not to go until the funeral rites were over but were unsuccessful. The best I could do was to hand over our apartment keys and escort her and Sammy to the station to take a bus home.

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My father was briefed on what had happened as he wasn’t around when everything happened. He advised me to go to the city to try and sort things out with her. He took that opportunity to advise me on relationships and marriage. I woke up very early on Saturday to go back to Cape Coast and possibly convince Serwaa to return for the main funeral rites. My village is about 2 hours drive from Cape Coast.

I got to my house and the door was locked. I tried knocking but no one was at home. I immediately pulled out my phone to call her but her line was off. I called her colleague at work to enquire about her whereabouts but she was as clueless as I was. I searched all over until I gave up looking. I had to get a carpenter to break my door so I could get some rest. I phoned my parents to tell them what had happened. They were worried and suggested I stayed back until I found her, as finding her was more important than the funeral. That was after they had scolded me very well for not bothering to know at least one member of her family.

A lot was going through my mind that night. What could have happened to her? I called a police friend of mine and narrated what had happened. She advised me to wait for at least 48 hours before declaring them missing persons. That night was a long and unpleasant one. I was woken by the sound of someone forcefully opening my gate. I had a new lock fixed after the carpenter had to break in. I went to check what was happening and to my surprise, Serwaa was standing behind the gate.

She was shocked as if she had seen a ghost when I opened the gate for her. I asked her where she had been and she kept on fumbling. She told me she had gone to visit her Antie at Mankessim. I knew she was lying because when we started dating, she told me her mother was the only daughter of her parents, it was her grandparents that raised her as her biological mother passed on while giving birth to her. She tried to turn things around and blame me instead, claiming I am attempting to throw her out of my house by changing the locks for one small mistake she did. I didn’t want to push further. I was just glad she had returned in one piece. Sammy was not with her so I asked about his whereabouts. She told me he was fine at her Antie’s place.

We talked about what had happened in the village and she agreed she was wrong. She even promised to go back with me next time to the village and apologize to my family, but that wouldn’t be necessary because a phone call would do. My mother and father were pleased to hear she was back safe and sound. Later that evening she asked to go back to Mankessim to go and bring back her son because he would be going to school on Monday, I offered to go with her at least it would be the perfect opportunity to meet with a family member. She strongly refused and gave a flimsy excuse that it wasn’t a good time. I knew in my gut that she was lying but I couldn’t force her to do what she doesn’t want to do.

I had a bitter relationship with my ex in the past. My few years with her opened my eyes and thought me lots of lessons, all the years of pain, emotional blackmail and abuse was finally going to pay off. Never again was I going to put me in that position. I am not a stalker but I had to come up with a plan to allow her to go and instead follow her to confirm if she would indeed go to Mankessim.

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