I went to Jail Because of My Fiancee and Her Baby Daddy – eps 3 (Final eps)

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I followed cautiously to make sure she wouldn’t detect I was behind her. Just at the next junction, she stopped to pick up a car but in an interesting turn of events, she was picked up by a white 4 x 4 Toyota. My heart leapt out of my chest and I was almost in tears. This is the woman I had invested so much in the short time we’ve been together, I took the role of a father in her son’s life and made sure he never lacked. Why would she lie to me? I chartered a taxi to follow them. I saw them walking to the hotel hand in hand laughing as if they had known each other all their life. I knew at this point that I had lost her. Perhaps Mankessim is the new name for the hotel. I sat outside for a while weeping and hurting within. But I had to see with my own eyes. There was no way I was going to know their room number because it was against hotel management to disclose that to strangers, but I remembered the car number of the 4 x 4. I entered the hotel and lied to the receptionist that my car has been blocked in by another car with number CR- 21. The receptionist was a bit confused but she checked the car park logbook and asked me to wait so he contacts the owner of the car. The name she mentioned sounded familiar. It was the name of Serwaa’s baby daddy. The receptionist told him he was needed downstairs to move his car as it was blocking my imaginary car. I managed to sneak out of the receptionist’s sight before he arrived. After a short dialogue, it was concluded between them that it might have been a mix-up. The receptionist took the blame and apologized for the inconvenience.

The unsuspecting Mr Edusei walked back to his room while I followed him. I found their room and idled about for a while until he went on with his business. I thought for a long while confused between confronting them or just walking away. I went ahead to confront them. I heard loud moans with every step I took closer to their door. My heart was shredded. I stomped the door so hard it broke. I badged in to find Serwaa in the popular d0ggy position being pounded like a thief. She was completely shocked and jumped out of the bed faster than light. She began apologizing. The 6-foot 4 inches man blazing my soon to be wife threw a punch that landed straight into my face. I survived the blow, picked up an empty bottle of wine they had just finished up and smashed it into his head. He tripped over a chair and hit his head hard on a ceramics flower vase in the room. I knew he wasn’t going to survive it. I took to my heels but Serwaa started shouting and wailing calling security on me. I held her and tried to stop her but he wouldn’t stop. I was so bitter within and choked her till she was almost out, that was when hotel security rushed in and seized me. Mr Edusei was rushed to the hospital while I was handed over to the police.

My family was contacted, but sadly my father out of shock had a heart attack and died. I was arranged before the court and represented by a government lawyer as I couldn’t afford a good one. On the day of the hearing, I was surprised to see Mr Edusei in court bound to a wheelchair. His family was ready to drop all charges, however, I still got my 10-year sentence. My life was over or so I thought. After 5 years in jail, my appeal to the court was accepted. I am now a free man who wasted 5 years of his life fighting for something I had lost a long time ago. I cut ties with Serwaa and anything that has to do with her. Last time I heard she is with another victim who is likely going to end up like me.

“Only Fight for the woman who wants to be kept” is My advice to young men out there.

The End

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