I went to Jail Because of My Fiancee and Her Baby Daddy. – eps1

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The first time I met her was when she came to my new place of work. I had just started work with the social welfare department. The reason for her coming to the office was to lodge a complaint against her baby daddy over his refusal to pay child support even though he was months behind. As the officer in charge of handling such complaints, I assisted her in all the paperwork. I felt bad for her as she appeared desperate.

The child’s father agreed to settle what he owed after we applied some pressure on him. Luckily it didn’t turn into a police case as most cases did. The middle man looked like a well to do person which made me wonder what could have led such a person into such a situation.

My boss explained to me that it wasn’t the first time she had come to the office with such complaints. On one faithful day, I received an unexpected visitor. Serwaa decided to stop by the office in person to thank me for the support and assistance I offered her.

Over the weeks we communicated often and had gotten close to each other, our little acquaintance turned into something serious. Against all my standards I had fallen head over heels with a single mother “born one”.

Our relationship was the most peaceful and fruitful I’d ever been in. After about five months of dating, I decided to introduce her to my parents. My family was accepting and I was very happy because I was initially unsure if they would agree to our union since she had a kid.

Things were perfect between us until I noticed a sudden change in her behaviour towards me. She would easily get angry at the least thing I did and never stopped nagging. At some point, I had wanted to quit the relationship entirely when the disrespect got to my parents. We had gone to my home for the funeral of a relative. We went along with her son, Sammy as there was no one we could leave him with in the city. Back in the village, all the kids played together. One of my nephews injured Sammy by accident. Serwaa lost it and started insulting the innocent kid, calling his mother names. My mother stepped in to calm her down and that even got worse. Mama also got her share of the names calling. That was the first time I raised my voice at her.

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