If I dont smoke I will go mad – Kelvin Boy

If i dont smoke i will go mad

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Kelvin Brown, known by his stage name Kelvin Boy has revealed that smoking is the only thing that calms him down.

The ‘Down Flat’ hitmaker said in an interview on Hitz FM that if he doesn’t smoke he will go mad. This is contrary to the perception most Ghanaians have that smoking would make a person lose their sanity.

In his words, “People think if you smoke, you will go mad. Well, with me, if I don’t smoke, I will go mad. –@kelvynboymusic_#DaybreakHitz“.

According to Kelvin boy smoking rather makes him calm. he also justified that smoking does not make people lose their minds or make them go mad. But it actually helps him. He said that in his case if he doesn’t smoke, he will go mad.

Smoking amongst Ghanaian celebrities isn’t something new. It seems that it is a habit that most Ghanaian musicians pick up on their way to stardom.

Recently, Sarkodie one of Ghana’s biggest rappers, admitted that he has turned into a smoker, something he thought he would never do. He isn’t the only celebrity in Ghana to admit to abusing weed. Afia Schwarzenegger and Kwaw Kesse are just a few of the many celebrities who are heavy smokers.

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