If she is making unnecessary noises during s3x then she’s faking it – Akosua Davies

Loud noises made by women is a sign that they are faking it Akosua Davies

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Ghanaian s3x coach and businesswoman Akosua Davies has stated that women who make lots of noise during s3x are faking an orgasm.

while speaking on the “In Bed with Adwen” show aired on e.tv Ghana at 10 pm every Thursday, the s3x coach said that women sometimes fake these orgasms when they are not into the guy and want him gone as soon as possible.

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“Ladies who are fond of making a lot of noise during s3x fake orgasm,” she stated while speaking to Adwen the Love Doctor on e.tv Ghana’s “In Bed with Adwen” episode. When they are ready to have an orgasmic experience, the genuine ones keep their composure and generally whisper in your ear.

“Those who are about to achieve orgasm do not care about their partner because of the sensations they have at the moment,” she continued. “They are too focused on the sensation they are going to have.

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The s3x instructor also underlined that any woman attaining her orgasm takes charge and tells you how she wants it, but the women faking it just make noise that isn’t required.

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