Instagram to detect your real age with artificial intelligence.

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Instagram will soon use artificial intelligence to detect your real age.

Instagram, now owned by the American tech giant, Facebook has hinted that it is trying an Artificial Intelligence tool that will help the photosharing platform to confirm the age of its users in the US.

World leaders have called on social media services to put in place measures that will ensure that young people on their platforms are protected from mature content and their privacy protected.

According to tech companies, the task at hand is no easy one however, it would be much easier if the birthdates of users are tied to their phone numbers.

Meta announced the testing of new verification tools for anyone trying to change their age from under 18 to over 18 on the platform, including recording a video selfie or asking friends to verify their age.

“We’re testing this so we can make sure teens and adults are in the right experience for their age group,” Meta said.

Video selfies recorded will be sent to Yoti, a British tech firm that has an AI tool capable of determining the age of teens below 20 years.

Though Yoti’s own data suggests its tool is generally worse at verifying the ages of women and girls, and people with darker skin.

Both Yoti and Meta said the selfies would be deleted after the check.

Last year, Instagram boss Adam Mosseri told US lawmakers he felt it was not Instagram’s job to check the age of users.

“I believe it would be much more effective to have age verification at the device level,” he said.

He suggested parents should make sure the child’s phone knew the age “as opposed to having every app, and there are millions of apps out there, trying to verify age on their own”.

A whistleblower that goes by the name Frances Haugens accused Instagram of trying to cover up a finding which reveals that the app can affect one’s mental health, especially in teenage girls.

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