Mahama is a scam for claiming he would scrap e-levy – NPP

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John Mahama is a scam for claiming he will abolish e levy – NPP National Communication director

He dared Mahama to differentiate between his uniform tax on the electronic transactions and e- levy

Ghana will be set in reverse if Mahama is given another chance.

The national communications director of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Yaw Buaben Asamoa, has said that former President John Dramani Mahama’s promise to scrap e-levy is just a political talk to win power.

According to him, the NDC cannot be trusted to move the country towards prosperity. While speaking at a press conference held in Accra, the former Member of parliament stated that John Mahama couldn’t deliver his promise on the one-time premium and the repeal of talk tax. He added that he was just making political talks.

“just like the one-time premium and the repeal of talk tax that John Mahama and his NDC promised, but failed to implement when they were in power, this promise is just a political talk.”

He intimated that the flagbearer for the NDC and his party is not an option to be considered come 2024.

Buaben Asamoa called out Maham to differentiate between the 17.5% tax he placed on financial transactions and the pledge to impose a uniform tax on all electronic transactions as he stated in his manifesto, “are they not the same as E-levy?” He quizzed.

Mr Asamoa believes that the uniform tax Mahama talked about in his manifesto is the same as the e-levy tax being implemented today. He went on further to state that the records he has show that there has been positive social impact to the country ever since the NPP assumed power.

Mahama was rejected twice in elections because under his six years tenure in office, Ghana was set on reverse. He stated.

Ghana will slip backwards into incompetence if Mahama is given another chance.

The communications director for the party also took things personally and referred to a statement in John Mahama’s autobiography, stating that he cannot take decisions.

Former President John Mahama while speaking at the ‘Ghana at a Crossroads’ event held on Monday stated that he would abolish the e-levy tax if he assumes office. according to John Mahama, the e-levy is a distortionary and burdensome tax that only forces Ghanaians to pay more while suffering

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