Management of Fosu College of Education sets records straight on the snake bite incident.

management of fosu college of education sets record straight.

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On Friday, the 13th of May the news of a student of Fosu College of Education whose testicle had been bitten by a snake made headlines.

The news came as a shock to many because it was unusual. The student who is a level 300 student had gone to attend to nature’s call in an abandoned KVIP toilet when the unfortunate incident happened.

Several media houses and bloggers misinformed the public when they reported that the incident happened in the dormitory which wasn’t entirely true. Some even shared fake photos of the snake.

Management of the institution has come out to clear the air and expressed disappointment in how the news was reported. In a press release by the Fosu College of Education, management revealed that the incident happened at a disused KVIP facility and not in the dormitory.

They added that the student was alone in the facility when it all happened.

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In the letter dated 13th May 2022, the school expressed disappointment in how several news outlets reported the incident in an unprofessional manner which spread unnecessary fear and panic.

The principal of the institution in setting the records straight added that the abandoned KVIP was demolished and students had been advised against using it after the Municipal engineer declared it unsafe to use.

Management of the college expressed worry over how the misinformation could tarnish the image of the school. They added that the victim was rushed to St. Francis Xavier Hospital and responding to treatment.

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