Mastering public speaking in five steps.

Mastering public speaking in five steps.

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We have all been in the kind of situation where we have to face a large or fairly large crowd to make a presentation. The feeling of making a mistake and becoming a laughing stock can sometimes overwhelm us and this can even worsen our public speaking ability.

One thing you need to keep in the back of your mind is that you and your audience are equals hence there is nothing to be afraid of so far as what you are presenting isn’t lies.

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Many people might not consider public speaking to be a skill, but it is a skill that all of us need to have. It is important for employees in all industries to be successful and there are many situations in which we might need to speak in front of a group. Unfortunately, it isn’t something that most of us are born with.

This skill can be learned and improved. Here are five ways to improve your public speaking skills:

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Before anything else you have to make sure what you are presenting is properly prepared and contains all the facts, you may need. Knowing that your speech can be fact-checked will also boost your confidence.

1. Practice your speech in front of friends or family members.

This is the best way to start improving your skills because this set of audience are people you are familiar with and confident around. What is best is that your family and friends would be willing to help you and correct you without undermining your efforts.

2. Find a mentor who can give you feedback on your presentation.

Finding a mentor is also another important way to improve. They have the experience you lack and hence can guide you to become a great public speaker. Even the best public speakers you hear started from somewhere and got where they are today with the help of mentors.

3. Use visuals to illustrate your points

This is a fantastic way to be a good public speaker because as the saying goes a picture speaks a thousand words. It also makes your speech or presentation simple and much easier for you to explain to an audience. Our brains are wired to identify and prefer photos and illustrations over text.

4. Practice your speech out loud with as many different people as possible.

Practice they say makes man perfect. Continue practicing to improve your tonation and master the words you would be speaking. By doing this you may even identify a couple of words you find difficult mentioning and correct yourself in time.

5. Prepare for the worst-case scenario

The worst case scenario would be when you allow your fears overcome the better side of you. In such a situation I would recommend you remind yourself of what is written in the second paragraph of this submission.

In conclusion, no one is a perfect public speaker. Even the best of the best panic at times but trying to keep your cool and slowing your breathing can also help.

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