Most Common Showering Mistakes You Should Avoid Doing.

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We all have a particular way of bathing depending on where we’re coming from. Our parents taught us how to bathe based on what they were taught growing up. Our style of bathing changes as we join the rat race of making a living in a tough economy.

Our bathing style may depend on a number of reasons: the nature of the bathhouse, the weather condition, availability of water, self-care, and the speed of bathing. Taking a shower might seem simple but there are a number of ways you could be doing it wrong.

Dermatologists have revealed the most common showering mistakes you might not even know you’re making. Here are smart moves for a cleaner and healthier shower.

Scrubbing your scalp with your fingernails

Scalp scrubbing can feel refreshing, but you’re doing more harm than good if you use your fingernails to wash your hair. Your fingernails can scratch the scalp and even cause flaking. Instead, to properly wash your hair, use your fingertips to work up a lather(a frothy white mass of bubbles produced by soap). It’s also important to avoid aggressively rubbing strands of hair between your hands, which can damage it

Using a soap that doesn’t contain any moisturizer

Bar soap without any moisturizing agent, like many antibacterial deodorant soaps, can really dry out your skin. Look for bars with stearic acid in the ingredient list or “moisturizing” advertised below the name.

Showering for too long with hot water

Nobody’s asking you not to bathe with hot water, but don’t take a scalding hot one, either. This strips your skin of natural oils and lipids that help trap water to keep it moist.

You scrub your body aggressively during bathing

People are too aggressive in scrubbing their bodies when bathing this can remove the skin’s natural protective barrier. gently glide your sponge over the skin with minimal rubbing or using your own hand is good enough.

You don’t rinse well enough

It’s important to make sure all soap and hair products are completely rinsed off. Lingering products can lead to skin irritation and clogged pores, which can cause acne.

Do you wait to apply lotion?

The best time to moisturize is as soon as you finish patting dry when your skin is still damp. Make use of the ambient heat from the shower and humidity in the bathroom and put on moisturizer within minutes. The lotion soaks into the skin best when it’s a little damp.

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