“Most Ghanaian men are intimidated by successful women” – Yvonne Nelson on why she’s still single

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Most Ghanaian men are intimidated by successful women

Independent women struggle to find love.

Ghanaian men are intimidated by successful women.

Award-winning actress and filmmaker Yvonne Nelson has said that the majority of Ghanaian men are intimidated by independent women. She said this to validate a reason for struggling to find love.

Yvonne added that men see women that are excelling in their careers as competition and others are threatened by that.

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She gave personal instances where men that came into her life asked about the properties she has and her achievements in her career path.

The actress spoke against society’s norm where men are conditioned t believe they must be more successful than women and women the opposite. Yvonne Nelson said that she sees that as a problem.

While speaking on UTV’s united showbiz entertainment show held on Saturday, Yvonne emphasised the need for such societal stereotypes to be broken.

“men feel intimidated when a woman is doing better. Sometimes you even tell them you want to go to school…it happened to a family member of mine and they tell you that you don’t need it. When I wanted to do my master I told people about it and they asked what I wanted that degree for. I told them I wanted to educate myself”

Watch the full interview below:

Most Ghanaian men are intimidated by successful women

Still, on entertainment news, Yvonne Nelson is set to release a new movie under her production house titled Fifty Fifty. The movie stars prominent Ghanian stars like Majid Michel, Yvonne Nelson, Anthony Woode and John Dumelo.

Tickets to the movie premiere go for GHC50

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