Must-have app of the week in Ghana.

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There are a ton of apps on the google and apple store that help make life easier. Some are meant to be used for fun while others are completely useless and packed with ads.

The must-have app of the week we would like to present is the E levy Calculator for Ghana (ELC). It is an app developed by Excelssive Studios. It is an app that helps its users calculate the net charges on mobile money transactions in Ghana.

ELC is one of my personal favourites due to its multi-functionality, that is, it is able to calculate e-levy charges and network charges for all the networks in Ghana.

The app has a simple and straightforward user interface so even your grandmother in the village can use it.

Check out the User Interface Below:

Must-have app of the week in Ghana.
Must-have app of the week in Ghana.

Developers of ELC have also revealed that there are plans underway to include charges on bank transfers. The app has received quite a number of positive feedback and I can emphatically state that it is a very useful and must-have application if you do not want to be cheated when carrying out Momo transactions.

ELC is reliable and keeps getting better with each update.

We recommend it to you because we don’t want you to be cheated.

You can download the app here :

The e-levy was passed on the 29th of March this year against the will of Ghanaians, it was introduced by the Nana Addo led administration to tax mobile money transactions including all other electronic transactions. The controversial bill has received massive resistance by the average Ghanian since its implementation.

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Many are against it because of the government’s wastage and reckless spending. celebrities such as Sarkodie, Yvonne Nelson and a few brave ones have spoken against the bill.

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