Oseikrom is living fake life on social media; Ypee tears his former bestie apart.

Ypee and Oseikrom Beef

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The friendship between Oseikrom Sikani and Ypee seems to have tuned sour per some comments made by Ypee on ABN Radio One.

The two used to be besties but that is all about to be in the past because of the bitterness that is brewing between them.

Ypee while speaking on the radio station said that his best friend Oiseikrom Sikani has been stepping on his toes and disrespecting him and he is fed up.

According to Ypee, the money Sikani has been flaunting on social media isn’t his therefore, he should take his time, humble himself and stop the unnecessary rants and bragging on social media.

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Ypee furthered that the dollars displayed on social media by Oseikrom Sikani aren’t real and if he’s pushed to the wall, he will say many things that will give more problems to Oseikrom Sikani.

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