Ras Kuuku talks about his addiction.

Ras Kuuku talks about his addiction.

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Ghanaian Reggae act Ras Kuuku has revealed that he is addicted to Marijuana also called wee and cannot survive a day without using the herb.

He said this while speaking on the “Drive Time” show on Angel FM hosted by Ike The Unpredictable.

When asked about who his supplier was, Ras Kuuku brushed it off and provided no substantial answer to the host’s query.

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Amongst many other things discussed, he rated Nana Addo’s performance as the worst.

Ras Kuuku is currently on a media tour in Kumasi to promote his upcoming projects.

The use of marijuana in the country is illegal and over the last few years some celebrities have found themselves in hot waters for promoting the drug.

Ras Kuuku somewhere last week while speaking on Accra FM advised his fellow musicians to stay away from cigarettes but showed his support for the use of marijuana.

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