Sack INCOMPETENTS, elections do not confer “Yentie Obiaa” posturing”.- Dr. Kofi Amoah advises Nana Addo.

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Renowned Ghanaian economist and businessman Dr Kofi Amoah has advised the president to sack incompetent government appointees from office because they are dragging his government into the mud and stalling the progress made.

His comment comes on the back of a press conference by some section of Youth from the Ashanti Region who are worried their region has been left out of development in the country.

Dr Amoah emphasised the need for Nana Addo to sack incompetent appointees. He added that elections do not confer the “Yentie Obia” syndrome on people who are elected to represent the people.

“Let the arrogance and deceit of the political class give way to common sense approach for nation building Listen to genuine, hunger-laden, hopeless-future and deep-in-the-bowls anger of citizens and make changes. Sack INCOMPETENTS. Elections do not confer “Yentie Obiaa” posturing”.

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