Sam George’s Response to Bobrisky’s visit to Ghana is unexpected.

Sam George's Response to Bobrisky's visit to Ghana is surprising

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Nigerian crossdresser/transgender Bobrisky announcd on his social platform that he would be coming to Ghana soon.

His announcement caused lots of reactions and questions as to what his visit to the country was about. His reason for coming here isnt quite clear yet but the announcement sparked a frenzy amongst netizens

Bobrisky has been very open about his sexuality as a transgender female. This is something that isnt very well accepted in most African countries espescially Ghana.

Sam Dzata George who is a lawmaker for in Ghana and currently championing the cause to criminalise the activities of gays and lesbians, including crossdressers in in the country was alertred by a social media user with handle Barnabas.

His post to Sam George reads “Dear Sam, I have heard that Bobrisky wants to visit Ghana and he is an influencer. If we can remove signboards, that means we can also stop planes from landing”.

The lawmaker’s response was rather shocking since he is well known for his unwavering stance against the LGBTQ+ community.

Sam George’s Response to Bobrisky’s visit to Ghana is surprising

He replied “Barnabas, we are a hospitable people, however, you must respect our laws, culture, and norms whilst here. When he gets here, he should endeavor to comply. O for Ose baddest

Indeed Ghana is a hospitable country and he is safe as long as he goes by the laws.

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