Seven subtle traits that prove you are a certified introvert and what you can do to change that.

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Four subtle traits that prove you are a certified introvert

An introvert is someone who likes to focus more on their own thoughts, mood, feelings and inner ideas rather than pay attention and relate to things happening externally. Such individuals are more likely to avoid the company of large crowds and instead stick to their small circle of friends.

The introversion personality trait is more common amongst people than we think and it is not always easy to identify an introvert. Even extroverts sometimes behave like introverts but that doesn’t make them introverts. Read on to identify some subtle signs that reveal someone’s introversion personality trait.

1. Introverts Avoid lengthy conversations when they can

An introvert would avoid an old friend just to save him or herself from a long conversation about old times and catching up. It is not their fault as whatever you have to say is mostly not in line with their thoughts and ideas within. That can feel uncomfortable as they do not know how to respond to your reactions at the time. He or she won’t completely ignore you when you make them out in public however when they see you and you don’t see them, they won’t make the effort of trying to get your attention, unlike an extrovert.

2. They are not good at holding conversations as you would expect them to

If they decide to talk to you for some reason or when they fail to avoid the first situation in point one, then you as an extrovert may not like or enjoy the kind of conversation that follows. Obviously, you would be asking all the questions and their answers are going to be brief. They will never follow up with a question as a normal conversation is supposed to be. Don’t interpret this as rude because it just feels like a lot of work to them talking about things that are not in line with their thoughts

3. Introverts hate to give lengthy explanations of their ideas to just anyone

An introvert would think over and over about whatever comes out of their mouth. This is because they are trying to avoid the situation of having to explain themselves to you. It is too much risky for them. Unless you are someone they are very comfortable around then be ready to hear a very detailed explanation of whatever they are thinking. They may even come off as talkative.

4. They prefer to find answers on their own rather than to ask questions.

Whenever something puzzles the mind of an introvert, the first thing they do is to find answers on their own just to avoid confusion. They will ask questions in situations when they are comfortable with you or in their circle. This is because they are sometimes shy and also the first impression they have about people is that they are probably introverts like them so they will try as much as possible to get rid of some inner ideas you may have about them.

5. Introverts are very good at their jobs and reluctant to take credit for their achievements

An introvert is rarely distracted when they focus on something at hand. Before they start executing any task they have carefully planned it out in their heads because when things go wrong, they are not ready to give long explanations to their superiors and colleagues. To ensure they are on the safe side they will try to minimise errors as much as possible.

6. Introverts share a very close trait with perfectionists.

Every action they have to take especially in public is carefully thought out. They are very calculating in everything they do. Assuming there is a public presentation they have to make, they ensure that everything they say or do is accurate just as they have imagined it in their head.

7. They are very loyal partners.

This is because finding someone they are comfortable around doesn’t come easy to them. If they manage to find themselves in a relationship, you become their safe space and they will go to any extent to protect that. They may be good lovers but they won’t be very good with your friends immediately.

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How to correct introversion if you want to

Introverts are not emotionally detached as many people think of them. Being emotionally detached is completely different. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being an introvert however it is not always the best personality trait to have in all situations. There are times when you are required to be outspoken but your mind wouldn’t just allow you. Here is how to overcome it.

You need to understand that in order to break this, you have to take one step at a time. Challenge yourself to accomplish small tasks such as greeting a stranger and asking how they are doing for a start, then the next time task yourself to do better than that. It may sound and look awkward but that is why you are starting with a stranger.

Try to go to public gatherings often even if you have no business there. Dare yourself to talk to one person and the next time talk to another person. Gradually you should be good at relating with others easily.

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