Seven(7) Steps to Restoring a Broken Relationship with your partner.

For many reasons, relationships do come to an end, unfortunately. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of life. Also, it doesn’t justify giving up on love completely. It takes a mature mind to realise that broken relationships no matter how damaged they may appear to be can still be fixed.

Before we outline the steps to restoring a broken relationship, it is important to note this: rebuilding trust when it’s been broken is not dependent only on the person who has broken it or how many times they can prove they are honest. It depends on the person who has decided not to trust anymore. Though they may be totally justified in their decision not to trust, as long as they choose not to, the relationship has no hope of survival. in that case, it should be ended.

Here are Seven Steps to Restoring a Broken Relationship:

1. Communicating Effectively.

No matter how well you know and love each other, you cannot read your partner’s mind. There is the need to communicate clearly to avoid misunderstandings that may cause hurt, anger, resentment or confusion. By communicating effectively as a couple, you bridge the gap between you and your spouse and easily find a common point to meet in terms of ideas and preferences.

2. Sympathizing with each other’s feelings.

Being sympathetic with one another’s feelings means being patient and looking out for your partner’s interest and not just yours. It is morally right to have that regard and respect towards the way your partner feels. as much as possible, avoid using hurtful words but rather use encouraging words. Another important thing to note is that the way you treat your spouse reflects on how they will treat you.

3. Accepting There is a Problem and Finding the Root Cause of The problem.

By accepting there is a problem, 80% of the problem has been solved. It doesn’t matter who is the cause of the conflict in the relation, sometimes it help when you both admit to being wrong. Countrary to the popularly saying that “in a relationship, one has to be the fool”, it would be better if both party act as fool to each other to maintain the peace.

4. Suggesting Possible Solutions to the problem and Ranking Solutions

Now after the root cause of the problem has been identified, the next and most important point is to propose solutions. Keep in mind that at this stage every idea of solution matters as such listen well to your partner. Also, at this stage compromising might be necessary so keep an open mind and trust the process.

5. Confessing to each other.

At this stage, 80% of the problem is solved but we are not out of the woods yet. Your partner or you could still be holding on to some grudge within and that needs fixing. It is also the perfect time to open up heart to heart and confess to each other your grievances.

7. Attacking the problem, not the person.

The most important tool in resolving the problem is dialogue. whatever the problem was, fixing it together is you best chance at purging petty misunderstanding once and for all. Keep in mind that at this stage it doesn’t matter whose fault it was and whose wasn’t. The problem is the enemy and not the causer.

8. Reconciliation

It is finally time to make up and put your differences aside. Reconciliation can be in many forms depending on your love language as a couple for some, going out on an ‘apology date’ does the trick, other couples prefer other means.

We conclude by saying, in resolving a broken relationship, do your best as a spouse to get rid of pride and ego as it would get your relationship nowhere. Sometimes too letting go is equally an efficient solution to sparkling your love life. Thank You for your time.