The day I meet you, I will throw you on a roof – Nana Agradaa threatens Don Little.

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Nana Agraada, Ghanaian fetish priest and self-acclaimed evangelist has descended heavily on Ghanaian actor, Don Little saying she is still in the business of duping innocent Ghanaians even though she claims to have repented.

Angry Evangelist Mama Pat put her bible down to assault Don Little and even wished him dead verbally. Hse said it would have been better for Don Litle to die rather than Kumawood actor Tutu who recently lost his life.

Agradaa called Don Little an animal who is of no use and said she would throw him off a roof if she ever came face to face with her.

“You are like a small bird walking among us, neither can we count you among children or adults. The day I meet you, I will throw you on a roof with that stupid trend you want” She said in twi

You might be wondering what triggered Nana Agradaa to be lambasting the young actor. Well, it appears Don Little started the fracas first when he said in an interview on Adepa TV that Evangelist Mama Pat is fake and all her antics in her church are no different from her Sika Gari scam. He added that a repented thief will still have an iota of thievery in her.

Nana Agradaa made headlines weeks ago after she announced in her church that her members should pay 300 cedis as part of some spiritual direction. This made a lot of Ghanaians question her “new life” she claims to have found in Christ.

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