The secret to losing weight is no secret.

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The secret to losing weight is no secret.
The secret to losing weight is no secret at all because it is straightforward provided you are willing to commit and be disciplined.

There are several methods of losing weight and the most popular amongst them is intensive cardiovascular exercises like running, skipping and others.

Using this method without dieting will require a lot of hard work and pain. However, the concept of weight loss follows a simple principle. That is increasing metabolism which will create demand for the body’s fuel. In this state, our bodies are capable of switching to fats for fuel and this is how weight loss begins.

A basic rule when it comes to weight loss is to burn more fat than you consume or retain. if you are feasting on a 700 calorie diet every day and burning only 200 calories then you should know that you are going to keep storing fat because that 500 calories just shifted to your stomach

When you go eight (8) hours without eating, your body begins to break down fat stored in the body.

Depending on your metabolic rate, it could be much faster varying from person to person.

Weight gain and loss are influenced by a lot of factors but the mechanics remain the same. Another very effective method of weight loss is sticking to a keto diet.

This diet is made up of proteins and fats, fibres and vitamins all these together work based on a similar principle because it contains no carbs meaning your body is ultimately trained to rely more on fats and proteins.

  1. Combining a low carbs diet with exercise is very effective way of losing weight
  2. Intensive workout alone may achieve some result but not one which you may be impressed with
  3. Regular sleep is very important

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