The seven continents of earth were created by a giant meteorite; New evidence suggests.

giant meteorite

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Results of new research have suggested that the seven continents of the earth were formed by the impacts of giant meteorites which were very common during the first billion years of our planet’s existence.

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These new findings are results from research by the Curtin School of Earth and Planetary Sciences. Dr. Tim Johnson disclosed that the continents that wear created at the site of the impact of the giant meteorite had been around for decades however there was little evidence to support the giant meteorite theory.

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Evidence Supporting The Giant Meteorite Theory

Dr. Johnson said.“By examining small crystals of the mineral zircon in rocks from the Pilbara Craton in Western Australia, representing the best-preserved remains of ancient crust on Earth, we found evidence of this massive meteorite impact,”.

He said, “Studying the oxygen isotopic composition in these zircon crystals reveals a ‘top-down’ process that begins with the melting of rocks near the surface and continues at depth, consistent with the geologic effects of giant meteorite impacts.”

“Our research provides strong evidence that the process of continent formation was triggered by a giant meteorite impact, similar to the extinction of the dinosaurs, but billions of years ago,” he said

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He added that the landmasses created by the giant meteorite’s impact carry most of the earth’s biomass and important mineral deposits that have contributed to the development of the earth as we know it.

The continents formation by the meteorite was similar to that of the extinction of dinosaurs

The researcher said, “Equally important, these continents host important metals such as lithium, lead, and nickel, which are essential for the emergence of green technologies necessary to meet our obligations to mitigate climate change.” Huh.”

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